Soqi Detox Spa Bed


Soqi Detox Spa Bed

I’m always looking and searching for ways to improve my Detox Programme and last year on my trip to Thailand and Vietnam, I discovered this wonderful Detox Bed which I tried out myself with amazing results.

E Power MachineI then knew immediately that my patients would benefit enormously from this spa bed in combination with my 7-Day Detox Programme.  Hopefully this will form part of my Programme in 2015, as I am in the process of bringing one of these spa beds to Spain. 

The spa bed is composed of the following three sections:


What is the Chi machine?
The Chi machine is a passive exerciser that promotes blood flow, decreases blood pressure and generates oxygen flow in the body.  Using the Chi Machine for 15 minutes is estimated to be the equivalent of walking ten thousand paces (5 km) in terms of body oxygenation.  Oxygen is a key ingredient in promoting body health through normal cell activity.  It also sounds a death warrant to un-wanted and dangerous toxic materials in the body.  The scientific frequency and movement of the Chi machine promotes vital health activity whilst ridding the body of toxins naturally.

The Soqi detox cleans from the cells outward by strengthening the body to healthy levels and then allowing the body to prioritise the process by which it cleans itself. SOQI helps good cells regenerate, opens capillaries, increases oxygen levels and with the aid of my 7 Day Detox Programme, daily Colonic treatments and my special, Cleansing Drinks, Vitamins and Mineral will eliminate toxins through the bowel, kidneys and skin. The combination of the spa bed and my programme gives a total detox.

Benefits from the Chi Machine are:           

Spinal alignment Lymphatic drainage
Blood circulation Oxygenation
Detoxification Nervous system
Weight reduction Immune System
Sleep quality Mentality condition


What is the FIR Hot House?  
The Far Infra-Red hothouse is a portable dry sauna that generates a healthy medium frequency rays useful for generating body cell replacement as well as facilitating the removal of toxic invaders.  The hothouse promotes healing and opens capillaries to naturally rid the body of toxins and heavy metals in the bloodstream. Thermal energy affects the deep layers of tissue and causes blood vessels in the capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation and self-detoxification. Because of its direct healing effect on tissues, the hot house can mobilize toxins from fat cells and heavy metals in the bloodstream, eliminating them through blood circulation and perspiration. The FIR frequency promotes and accelerates cellular healing and is used by hospitals for that.

Benefits from the Hot House:

Improves circulation Improve Lymph Circulation
Cleanses toxins from the blood Harmful toxins eliminated
Regenerates new cell Total body thermal insulation


What is the E- Power Machine? 
Toxins in the body strip its atoms of electrons making those cells vulnerable to bacteria and disease.  E-Power replenishes those lost electrons making each atom and therefore each cell an effective rejecter of sickness.  It replaces the electronic potholes in your body making it impervious to invasion. The E-Power uses high frequency negative voltage to energize and detoxify the cells in the blood. It has a frequency of 70 kHz, similar to the vibration of the human body – it expands blood capillaries, which allow for better circulation, an increased supply of oxygen to blood capillaries, and greater cellular oxygen storage and elimination of carbon dioxide.

Acidic residues adhered on the walls of blood capillaries will be removed and metabolized, reducing vascular disease and boosting cellular energy as, 80% of diseases arise due to problems in our circulatory systems. This helps detoxify the blood while the Chi and the Hot House machines detox the internal organs through oxygenation. 

Benefits from the E Power:

Activates cells Improves physique
Increases blood circulation Boosts immune system
Adjusts nervous system Enhances beauty
Normalizes metabolism Improves skin