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“No hunger, or headache, or any of the other 'h' for horrible things that are supposed to kick in. Instead, I'm full of energy (and juice) and not remotely bad-tempered. ... I wake up, strip off, look in the mirror and am delighted to see a torso I've not spied for 12 years, since I first became pregnant.”


“I lost a total of 16lb and, by the end of the fast (and previous weeks' preparation), had a glowing skin and a flat tummy (proper eating, lengthy chewing and improved bowel function had drastically reduced the wind factor)”

The Sunday Times

“Celebrities are finding their way to Raaul's door, including models, actors and musicians who want to improve their performance with a real upsurge of energy and vitality.”

Total Fitness

“Although I had no food during the course of the week I never felt hungry. ... My skin was almost translucent and I quite simply felt terribly well.”

Healthy Eating

“It was amazing how energetic I felt and the results were excellent.”


“As the days went by, I felt more rather than less energetic. By the end of my treatment I had lost 4.5 kilos. I felt terrific and looked pretty good.”

HQ Magazine, Australia

“At the end, I could have done another week. I felt so well, so light, so clear-headed - and 9 pounds lighter.”

Harpers & Queen

“People comment how good we look, which is particularly reflected in our gleaming eyes, translucent skin and we had lost weight! Our bodies are almost without cellulite, we feel light, beautiful, energetic and excessively proud of ourselves. After nine days we have made it!!”

Finest magazine (Mallorca)

“Immediately after the seven days I felt full of energy, not needing to sleep as much and on a ‘high’. I thoroughly recommend the programme. There were times during it when I wondered why I was putting myself thought it, but the benefits afterwards are enormous. I was on a colonic high and I didn´t want to come off it. And, yes, I would do it again”

Islandlife Magazine (Mallorca)

“At the end of the detox, I found that I was a completely different shape – and a lot of the weight I lost stayed off. I was feeling bloated and polluted. Although the first two days were tough, with painful headaches, on the third day you break through to the promised land. The effect on my energy levels was staggering.”

Financial Times

“Post-detox, I feel mentally sharper, cleaner inside and my weight’s down to what it was a decade ago. I’m impressed and with Raaul’s invaluable post-programme lifestyle recommendations and - yes – even the occasional colonic, I intend to stay that way”

ABC Mallorca

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