“I've been hearing about Raaul's Dynamic Detox Programme for years from my sister and I finally found some courage and time to do it this spring. The outcome was amazing! Apart from being proud of myself for finishing the programme quite smoothly for a first-timer, I lost 3kg, had a radiant skin and an energy boost which after two months still keeps me going! Thanks Raaul for the amazing experience and hopefully I'll be back next year smile


“Many people come to Raaul because they want to lose weight. It is not my case, I discovered Raaul at Dynamic Detox in my pursuit to improve my colon condition after years of struggling with illness. Raaul's program together with a very disciplined healthy eating system gives me a better quality of life, makes me feel better, stronger and I have to say that my skin glows and my sleep gets regular and good.”


“Raaul, When i took off to Mallorca in January 2014 to your detox program, it was a mix feelings for me; not knowing what to expect and how i will handle it. However, i knew that i must do something different if i want a change, and an improvement in my health and wellbeing. It was all surprises throughout the program. I came out on the 7th day, with 5kg less, beautiful skin, more relaxed and confident mind! i am now motivated, and keeping up with the maintenance. I look forward to another session in 6 months. Big thank you Raaul”

Nana, France

“I truly look forward to my time with Raaul at Cleanbreaks. Its the time for me to cleanse my mind and my body. I always leave totally recharged and ready to conquer the world. The juices, the colonics, the walks in the morning, the reflexology, the massages and the peace of mind combines in unison for a complete renewal. Thank you to a great team!”

Mo Abudu, CEO EbonyLife TV

“My husband and I have been coming to Raauls programme in Mallorca for the last 10 years. We feel and look energised at the end of each programme and when we leave it motivates us to take care of our bodies and minds until our next visit. This is the BEST programme we have ever experienced (and believe me we have tried many). This programme WORKS, and that is why we keep coming back every year”

Jayne M, Ireland

“This is a note from my wife and I to thank you and your entire team for the very beneficial and educative programme we undertook last week at your facility at Majorca. It has made us to rediscover ourselves as far as healthy living is concerned. We look forward to coming back next year”


“Raaul, your treatment has helped me to get rid of all the major problems that I had when I came to you. Not by the wildest stretch of imagination could I have hoped to be cured of all of them at once, and all by the same treatment. Today it is obvious to me that what you told me during the first treatment was absolutely right – that all these health problems had the same cause. My cure for these problems has been so quick and marked, that I now wonder whether many of the other sicknesses people develop are not caused by the same condition: bad colon health”

Paul C. Sandison, South Africa

“Raaul’s detox programme is the best I’ve experienced following my global search for health and wellbeing. The Dynamic Detox Programme reboots me emotionally, physically and spiritually and leaves me looking and feeling fantastic every time”

Alice W, London & Mallorca

“I just wanted to drop you an email letting you know how everything has been since I did your programme. In a word – wonderful! I’ve lost ELEVEN kilos to date and I feel fantastic. Life is good. I just want to thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be back next year”

Angela A. UK

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